Premium Snow and ice management in Westmoreland, New Hartford, Clinton, and Surrounding Areas in New York!

What Is Included In Our Snow and ice management Services?

Even in the winter months, your commercial property still needs some tender loving care! We offer snow removal services and deicing as well! We’ll plow and use a snow blower on your property to ensure the walkways and other areas are clear and safe. We also offer sanding and salting to prevent icy patches from ruining your day!

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Why Choose Newman Landscaping and Sealcoating LLC?

As a team, our core values matter to us! We believe in building meaningful, lasting relationships with each of our customers. Giving back to the community is also a priority for us. Our values also include:

  • Absolute honesty in all of our communications with clients.
  • Professionalism matters! We show up when we say we will and deliver the quality services that we promise!
  • Years of experience allows our work to speak for itself. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for us and you will not be disappointed!

-How Do Snow and ice management Services Benefit Your commercial Property?

  • Safety first!
    The freshly fallen snow may look beautiful, but that serene feeling is short-lived! Soon after the storm is over, navigating your property can become dangerous. It may even deter potential clients from visiting your establishment. By clearing driveways and walkways, and providing the necessary sanding or salting, many slips and falls can be prevented.
    Snow removal services keep your property safe and secure from winter accidents. More importantly, this provides you with the peace of mind that legal troubles won’t loom in the future! An unfortunate side effect of winter weather is often lawsuits related to falls. Don’t let this happen on your property. We can help!
  • Keep it neat!
    Obviously, safety is most important when it comes to snow removal, but the aesthetics matter too! Shortly after the snow falls, it looks beautiful. Just a few hours later, it already starts to look dingy and dirty! By a day or so later, your winter wonderland has turned gray and looks quite undesirable. By removing ice and snow from your walkways and driveways, we can ensure your property looks its best.
  • Welcome to the new season
    By removing the evidence from last season, you welcome the new season to your property. Our team preps your commercial landscape for whatever comes next, whether frigid winter or sweltering summer.

Besides snow and ice management, what else can we do for your property?

A lot!

While we are available to assist with snow removal in the winter, we can keep your property in great shape all year round with an array of quality services that extend far beyond the snow removal and sealcoating we are known for! What else can we do?

  • Landscaping – From plant installations to mulch applications, we can upgrade the look of your yard and help you enjoy more time outdoors!
  • Landscape Lighting – Get ready to get more use out of your outdoor space! With the right landscape lighting, you won’t need to end your outdoor parties when the sun is going down! As an added bonus landscape lighting adds style and function to your outdoor living space!
  • Hardscaping – With so many options for pavers, fire pits, retaining walls, and more, we can create an outdoor oasis of your dreams with our hardscaping services!

Newman Landscaping & Sealcoating LLC offers superior snow removal services and deicing in Clinton, Vernon, and Verona, New York, and their surrounding areas.

Newman Landscaping & Sealcoating, LLC- Longevity lies in quality.

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