Super Snow and Ice Management Services In Clinton, New Hartford, & Westmoreland, NY

What do our snow and ice management services include?

Would you rather: gaze out your window at a winter wonderland of white, knowing that shortly YOU are going to have to shuffle outside and deal with the white stuff falling from the sky? OR breathe a sigh of relief and make yourself another cup of hot cocoa, knowing the pros at Newman’s will deice, remove snow, and more for your property?

What sets Newman apart from others in our neck of the woods?

Your experience with Newman’s is unique in that:

  • We get it – every property has different needs and we honor those differences by customizing all our work.
  • We commit to providing a level of quality work that exceeds expectations.
  • We are excited to pass on all our industry knowledge to our favorite folks – our clients!

How is snow and ice management crucial to our communities?

The first rule of everything: SAFETY.

The statistics surrounding fall injuries related to snow and ice are mind-blowing – over 1 million people a year end up with serious enough injuries that the fall lands them in the hospital. Don’t be a statistic.

Snow can be fun – till it isn’t.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane: snowball fights with perfectly constructed forts. Taking the pluge in a sled, down the biggest hill you could find, without a care as to what was at the bottom. And then poof! You became a dreaded grown-up. Now, the snow isn’t as much fun anymore. While it is lovely to look at, it’s a pain to manage. Let’s remove that pain for you!

Great! But why can’t I just deal with the snow?

SAFETY. Yes, it was important enough to repeat it.

Ice and snow are – let’s face it – recipes for unmitigated disaster. Snow doesn’t stay white and fluffy forever. It turns to dangerous slush and hidden ice. Keeping our communities safe and slip and fall free are our number one goals every winter.

Money saver and game-changer.

You gotta have those right tools for the right job, at the right time – right? No one understands this better than your reliable team at Newman’s. Our equipment is kept up to date and well maintained, so we can save you money on costly equipment and get the job done right – right away!
Grab that extra cup of cocoa. Watch the kids throw snowballs in the yard. And smile. A service provider for the entire calendar year in landscaping, seal coating, and snow and ice management, we love our commercial and residential communities of Clinton, New Hartford, & Westmoreland, NY!

If you’re looking for the top landscaping company in New York, look no further – you found Newman Landscaping and Sealcoating, LLC.

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