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What Is Included In Our Sealcoating Services?

Whether you’re paving a new parking lot on your business property or tired of that gravel driveway in front of your house, new asphalt is a nice thing to have. And few sites are as pleasing as looking out on fresh asphalt after paving a driveway. But that asphalt is not going to look pristine forever. Even so, you want to get as many years out of your asphalt as possible. That’s where asphalt sealcoating by Newman Landscaping helps.

Asphalt sealcoating uses a blend of liquids and small solid particles to add a protective quality to asphalt pavements. When we say small particles, we mean quite small grains of sand, for example. Common ingredients in include dissolved asphalt, mineral fillers, and water. In sealing a driveway, parking lot, or other surfaces, a driveway sealing company can apply the coating as a spray or with a squeegee or broom. Sealing a driveway with asphalt sealcoating not only protects a driveway from future damage but can also have a restorative effect.

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Why Choose Newman Landscaping for Your Sealcoating Needs?

We know you have choices when it comes to picking who works on your property. Our values help us build trust with our customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction – We know we’ve done a great job when the customer tells us so!
  • Quality – When your goal is to improve your driveway’s appearance and longevity, you need quality work and products, and Newman delivers.
  • Communication – Misunderstandings are the main contributor to dissatisfaction with contractors. We start with a thorough understanding and keep the line of communication open throughout our work.

How Does Seal Coating Help Your Property?

  • Improve Appearance

When asphalt seal is applied to the pavement’s surface, the oils in the sealcoat seep into the asphalt. This can help replenish some of the asphalt oils that have depleted over time. In addition, the solid particles fill in small gaps and cracks in the asphalt, making its surface smoother as well as more even and level. A good driveway sealing company can make years’ old asphalt look almost new again.

  • Protects from Wear and Tear

By sealing your driveway, you also prolong its lifespan because the asphalt sealcoating protects against potentially harmful elements such as UV rays, water, chemical runoff, and general wear and tear. Ultimately, sealing your driveway ensures that you’ll enjoy a driveway free of cracks and maintains the aesthetics of your driveway as well.

  • Saves Money

Employing a professional and experienced driveway sealing company could save thousands of dollars in the long run. Unfortunately, completely repaving a driveway, or worse still, an entire parking lot, is expensive. So you want to do it as seldom as possible. A driveway sealing company can make your driveway or parking lot last over 30 years!

What Else Can We Do to Make Taking Care of Your Hard Surfaces Easy?

We Create Custom Hardscaped Surfaces for Your Yard

We don’t just protect your driveway. We also can install it along with many other hardscape features!

  • Outdoor Living Space – Your backyard is what you make it. We consider your needs and your home’s aesthetic as we design the space of your dreams.
  • Driveways – The first thing people see when they pull into your home; if you need a new driveway, we can help!
  • Walkways – Walkways create the paths that lead from one area of your property to another you’d like your guests to see.

For expert sealcoating in Westmoreland, New Hartford, Clinton, and the surrounding areas contact Newman Landscaping for your driveway needs!

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