Premium Excavation in Westmoreland, New Hartford, Clinton, and Surrounding Areas in New York!

What Is Included In Our Excavation Services?

When it comes time to expand your property, Newman is the team for you. We ensure your land is even and ready to be built upon. We remove unwanted plants, slopes, and more to provide you with a working landscape you can enjoy.

Our excavation services boost your home value and allow you to create the desired landscape. But, then, sit back and relax while we handle the rest. Newman’s has your best interest at heart and allows your landscape to fix itself when we give it a chance.

Excavation clearing out the underbrush of your lawn to promote landscaping

Why Choose Newman Landscaping & Sealcoating, LLC

Our team values professionalism and our professional relationships with each of our clients.

  • We place a high priority on communication in order to keep you informed about the status of your landscape.
  • Our attention to detail is unlike any other, and we take our job seriously!
  • The job isn’t done until you are satisfied with the work we have provided!

How Does Your Landscape Benefit from Excavation?

  • Better Drainage.

With a flatter property, it is harder for water to pool and flood your home and garden. When the rain has fallen, your plant life will benefit from it instead of drowning when the land is flat. Drains are easier to install after the excavation process is completed, and the path is created more efficiently.

Flooding is damaging to your property, and when we excavate your land, we make it possible for drainage to happen naturally or with a little help. If a drainage system needs to be installed, then the flat ground makes it easier for us to install it for you.

  • Easier to Build.

Excavation services not only make it easier to build on your property, but it also makes it safer. Building on flat ground is safer because the structure will be more stable. You won’t have to worry about the structure falling or dealing with roots to work around.

Due to excavating the land and flattening the earth underneath, you won’t have to worry about your landscape being built on a slope or uneven ground.

  • Boosts Home Value.

Excavating the lawn boosts your home value and allows the landscape to be molded how you want it. When Newman clears out your lawn, we make the installation process faster and last longer. In addition, each section we clear out allows us to complete other projects so the new landscape increases the value of your home as a whole.

You can maintain the value of your home without compromising your landscape’s function and health. Newman’s goal for your landscape is to ensure every section is usable and can be molded for your great plans.

How is Landscaping Made Easier with Clearing out Underbrush?

Building Your Landscape is Possible to be Created

Clearing out underbrush and unwanted plants clears up some room for grass seeds and plants to be installed and your outdoor living space to be set up.

  • Landscaping– Landscaping transforms your property into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing piece of land.
  • Hardscaping– Hardscaping is the art of adding brick, stone, and wood features that provide plenty of places to relax.
  • Landscape Lighting– Landscape lighting removes any trip hazards you can’t see in the shadows.

Newman Landscaping and Sealcoating LL offer premium excavation in Westmoreland, New Hartford, Clinton, New York, and surrounding communities. You won’t have to worry about attempting to accomplish this alone when you have a professional team.

Newman Landscaping and Sealcoating LLC- Longevity lies in quality.

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