Finest landscaping, hardscaping, and more in Clark Mills, New York.

While this place is considered a hamlet, it’s no less a fun, impactful place to live. It’s not densely populated but rich with history and a lovely light suburban feel. The town was named for the Clark Mills Company, run by a family business established in 1845. “Family” has been a core focus of this area for years and continues to be. Even now, you can enjoy the sounds and sights of the town and soak up that welcoming energy as you make your way through!

In Clark Mills, you can unleash some energy at the Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park or sip on some good drinks at the Clinton Cider Mill. Enjoy some tunes at the Kirkland Art Center or get some good food at Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Either way, you can find something to keep you busy while visiting. Of course, we’ll keep busy taking care of the lovely residents and their landscapes!

Why choose Newman Landscaping and Sealcoating, LLC for your lawn or sealcoating needs?

  • We are honored and proud to be a big part of the industry for over 25 years
  • Our company offers the best snow and ice management services around
  • We only believe in offering the best quality services to our customers

What can Newman Landscaping and Sealcoating, LLC do for you?

  • Lawn Maintenance – your lawn needs time dedicated to keeping it under control; we take the time to detail trim, mow, and blow your landscape.
  • Landscape Removal/Installs – often, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is necessary to restart your landscape journey; we take out anything you don’t want and install new, beautiful landscaping.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating – any asphalt you have around your property needs to be protected; we provide the best quality blends to the surface, making them more robust.
    Hardscaping – inorganic materials can be used to create beautiful works of art around your property; these can be a combination of patios, walkways, retaining walls, fences, and walkways.
  • Paving – damages to your hard surfaces are inevitable, but they are fixable; we offer quality paving solutions to keep those damages from spreading.
  • Snow and Ice Management – a large buildup of snow and ice can quickly become very dangerous; our team plows snow away and problem ice so you stay safe.

What are the benefits of great landscaping and sealcoating?

  • You’ll notice a major increase in both curb appeal and home value
  • Your lawn will grow stronger and healthier
  • The hard surfaces will provide you with more safety and stability
  • There will be an increase in longevity and durability in your hard surfaces
  • You’ll be inspired to spend as much time outside as possible
  • Oil and other damages won’t have a big negative impact on your asphalt

Do you need help controlling your lawn maintenance schedule? Are you ready to take the next step into a beautiful landscape? Then, contact the team at Newman’s, and find out how we can help you!

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