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Get a quote today for your home’s outdoor needs

Contact our dedicated team now through (315) 259-1054!

Get a quote today for your home’s outdoor needs

Contact our dedicated team now through (315) 259-1054!

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Who We Are

Finding a reliable lawn and landscape company with your property’s best interests at heart can be hard. Fortunately, our team is dedicated to providing quality services with unparalleled customer service – leaving you happy, satisfied, and ready for the next lawn adventure!

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Ease

You can find peace of mind on your property if it’s maintained and fits the vibe you enjoy. Our team does an exceptional job taking the land you currently have and transforming it into a space you can utilize well and be proud of!
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Enhance Curb Appeal and Property Value

Your property could be worth a lot and look fantastic 24/7, but only if it’s properly cared for, maintained, and planned efficiently. We’re skilled in different ways to make your lawn beautiful and easier to sell if that’s what you want later on.
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Protect Your Pavement Investment

Investing can be scary to some because it often involves spending money to make money. Investing in your hardscaping or pavement means ensuring it will remain hardy, safe, and visually appealing throughout the year.

Get a free quote today for your home’s outdoor needs.

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Our Services


Planning is the key to a thriving, luxurious lawn full of life - planning your flora's maintenance and watering schedule and placement. We help our customers decide what's best for their lawn and where adjustments should be made that are best for it.

Yard Cleanups

Keeping your lawn tidy is beneficial for you as the owner, your lawn's overall health, and the look of it. Allow us to help keep your lawn in tip-top shape, especially in the messiest seasons, so your lawn's image stays untainted!


Keeping yourself and others safe in the dark is essential for your landscape, especially if you enjoy entertaining guests. Landscape lighting encourages nighttime fun while lowering the risk of injury to everyone so you can use every part of your lawn without concern!


Keeping your hardscape surfaces in great shape isn't always easy, but without the right protection, they can become weathered and fall apart. Our seal coating services protect your hard surfaces from the elements and constant traffic, so they always look new!


Sometimes, you need big equipment and plenty of experience to get a big job done. Luckily, our team is skilled in these big jobs, including excavation, to prepare the site for future projects you may have planned on your lawn.


Hard surfaces around your property serve various functions, making life easier and more pleasant for everyone. Property construction and maintenance of these areas help your lawn remain usable and accessible for everyone on it.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance results in beautiful lines, clean lawns, and healthy growth. Our services include thorough grass mowing, trimming hedges and plants, edging where mowers cannot reach, blowing away debris, and leaf removal

Snow Removal

Snow is a conundrum – it’s beautiful to look at and fun for a little while, but also dangerous and damaging to your property. We take our time ensuring all your lawn’s hard surfaces are cleared and safe for everyone to walk on.

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Newman is proud to provide our customers with premium lawn mowing, hardscaping, and excavation services in Westmoreland, New Hartford, Clinton, and surrounding areas in New York!

Get a quote today for your home’s outdoor needs

Contact our dedicated team now through (315) 259-1054!

Get a quote today for your home’s outdoor needs

Contact our dedicated team now through (315) 259-1054!

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